“Enzo Mari e diecimila milioni di alleri di sugi” Enzo Mari and ten-thousand million sugi trees, 2005

​Venue: La Triennale di Milano
Venue composition: Enzo Mari
Lighting: Pier Castiglioni

Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd Japan started a project with Mr. Enzo Mari in cooperation with Gifu prefectural office in November 2003. The project took place in Hida where traditional Japanese artisanship remains alive, enabling the project to materialize with the beautiful designs by Mr. Enzo Mari, which brought out the soft hues and texture of Japanese Cedar. This project resulted in producing a beautiful new line that overturned an image of wood furniture that is thick and heavy.

For the exhibition in 2005, the venue was simple yet powerful and was composed mainly of white color to manifest the philosophy of Mr. Enzo Mari which resonates with the ethos of Hida Sangyo. For the press preview, Mr. Enzo Mari guided the reporters through the venue in a detailed navigation.



In June of the same year, a traveling exhibition was held at Spiral Hall in Aoyama, Tokyo. The exhibition gathered much attention from media and buyers both nationally and internationally.

2005_04_900-600 2005_05_900-600