Ibuki Kaiyama

Furniture Designer and Artist
Enchanted by the potential of the tree branch as a material, Ibuki Kaiyama creates freeform furniture designs and works of art featuring the true beauty of wood.
2006 Graduated with a master's degree in design from the Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts.
2006 Joined Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd. as an in-house designer.
2012 Founded Atelier hi.
2013 Unveiled "LINE OF TREE" (Tokyo University of the Arts Art Museum, Toride Annex) as a guest artist at the Tokyo University of the Arts Art Village.
2015 Engaged in development with Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd. for the Wood Furniture Japan Award.
    Awarded the Special Matching Award for the "kinoe" chair.
2016 Awarded the Good Design Award for the "kinoe" chair.
2016 Unveiled his self-branded "Ibuki Hand Craft" at his individual exhibition, Books and Modern.