Hida Sangyo produced table and chairs for G-7 Summit, 26-27 May 2016.

201605_サミット_02Because of security precautions, the project had to remain confidential until after its completion, and most members of our company did not even know we were making the table and chairs for the G-7 Summit at Ise.

The round table was made from FSC certified Owase cypress, and again — only a small number of our craftspeople were involved in its production.

Hida Sangyo used its renowned wood bending technique to make the chair arms, and all nails or screws used were entirely concealed.

The room with our furniture was the single most photogenic opportunity of the world leaders enjoying relaxed time together at the Summit.

We are extremely proud to have been asked to provide the table and chairs that were used for such a prestigious, historical occasion. All the craftspeople involved with the project were also relieved that the cypress wood held up perfectly under the different humidities and tempretures, which can sometimes be a problem for newly produced work.