Message from the President

There is richness to Hida Sangyo’s over 90 years of history. And along the way, Hida Sangyo has accumulated numerous skills and techniques, which ―needless to say― are an important basis of customer trust, and which we respect and wish to further build upon. But even more importantly, a piece of furniture is a material thing which an owner will impart special feelings toward, and the more one uses it, the more memories that will become engraved upon it. Over time, it becomes inextricably attached to the person who owns it. So with that in mind, I want people to use and cherish their piece of furniture for as many years as possible. Hida Sangyo would like to place importance on each and every piece of furniture, as well as each and every customer. I would like to expand the “cumulative shares” of our company for 10 years, 20 years or even 100 years from now. This is my dream and also the dream of Hida Sangyo.

The raw material for furniture is wood and wood has life. We who love wood value the life of wood and the environment which nurtures it. From this ethos, Hida Sangyo started developing furniture by positively utilizing wood with knots, and also producing furniture using “Sugi” (Japanese cedar). And the glue and paint we use at Hida Sangyo are ones which won’t burden the environment.

It’s been said that culture begins from manufacturing or creating products. In this local vicinity, with the history of the “Master Craftsmanship of Hida” being continuously upheld, and by us showing a firm stance in properly elevating that craftsmanship in manufacturing, a revitalization of the wooden culture of Hida will inevitably occur; and moreover, its effects will ripple out to support the wooden culture of Japan as a whole. We, Hida Sangyo, are trying to go forward step by step with the aim of becoming a company which can disseminate the spirit of Japanese manufacturing to the world.